- K.S.,  Associate Director Strategy & Analysis


"There are few people I’ve met in my life that I can truly say have impacted it and changed it for the better. Erin is one of them. 

When I first met Erin, it immediately felt like we were two peas in a pod – fast developing a comfortable connection. Erin’s ability to listen without judgment, give advice without reprimanding, and mentor and coach is an innate gift that Erin is one of the lucky few to encompass. Erin is not only one of the kindest, smartest, and most admirable people I’ve had the pleasure of working with, but these traits allowed me to feel comfort in knowing she always had my best interest at heart when it came to advising and coaching me on my career – even in a heavily politically-driven environment. I entrusted information about my true thoughts and feelings, and questions and concerns, with Erin knowing she was beyond capable of leveraging this information only for the betterment of me. With this, Erin was able to coach me through multiple difficult conversations with high-level executives at my company – advice that helped me communicate my value to the company, ultimately leading to my soon-after (and well deserved) promotion.

Erin not only supported and assisted my seamless navigation of office politics and provided dependable, trustworthy, and sound career advice, but she quickly became someone I would trust with anything. She became a confidant and more importantly, a friend."  

- D. C., Positivity Mindset Coach

"I would recommend Erin to anyone! Erin is so easy to talk to. I found myself diving so deep with her with out any judgement or criticism.  She has a way of listening to what is being said, and repeating it back in a way I never realized I had been saying it. She wouldn't change anything, just ask if I had noticed that this is what I was saying, but I meant something different. Multiple times I left our sessions with my mind blown with what she could pick up on. Erin made the goals that were my biggest blocks seem more manageable, just by listening and asking the most meaningful questions.  

Thanks to Erin and her coaching I have been able to manage launching my business, while being a full time (first time Mom), AND not go crazy!"